“Hello My name is Louise De New and I am the Founder of Pink Zebra. I have spent over 20 years working in national press, media and publishing creating innovative and in some cases ground breaking creative campaigns and products for some of the worlds largest brands.

Now I am offering my services on a freelance basis via my company Pink Zebra.

People have asked me why Pink Zebra? Well when you consider that the collective noun for a group of Zebra is a Dazzle then perhaps it becomes more clear!

I love listening and learning about my clients business and understanding the issues they may face and helping them to achieve their business goals or just mucking in and lending a hand!

“When trying to achieve stand out for your business you need to dazzle”

Over the years I have worked with all sorts of businesses both large and small and take on the creative production tasks which can be outsourced.

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Louise De New

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