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In this friendly workshop you will learn the structure for a great business pitch. Pitch at networking /trade events? Then this is for you.

Workshop Content

Find you avoid going to networking events because you hate the pitching your business part? Have to attend events or trade-shows as part of your job or just want to gain stand out?

Then this friendly 2 hour workshop and networking event is for you.

You will discover an easy to follow structure to deliver a quality'pitch' in whatever time slot you are given. You will leave with the framework to craft a pitch will work in every situation.

Learn not only to introduce yourself and your business at networking events but also have skills to use in all your business introductions. This is a small class so only limited places are available.

In the class you will learn:

✔︎ The 4 step framework to create the perfect pitch

✔︎ What are the key messages you need to include

✔︎ Discover your ‘You’ and how to refine your message

✔︎ How to quickly and effectively gain the attention of your audience

✔︎ Make it sticky - how to make your pitch the one people will remember

✔︎ Understand the causes of nerves when speaking and how to use these positively

At the end of this workshop you will have -

✔︎ Created and delivered a successful pitch

✔︎ Gained experience in speaking in front of others

What’s Included?

✔︎ Instruction by expert facilitators.✔︎ Small, interactive class

✔︎ Course Handouts

When you attend these interactive, fun workshops, you're guaranteed to learn effective and powerful new skills that will make you more confident when delivering any future pitch. These are lifelong skills that will forever help you in your career and business.

This workshop is open to everyone looking to gain skills and insight when delivering a business or personal pitch.

Email for more info: Louise@pinkzebra.org.uk